Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Jae's Grand Tour 2004

As readers may know, I often set aside weeks where I just.. do stuff. Like the this week and last week. I have never been to or through London so much! I am sure I've started to leave a Jae-feet shaped trail between Charing Cross and Soho. Monday I went up to London and meet a guy I've been chatting to for two years. A S. He was far cooler than I had expected, really interesting, and we hung out in Retro, Ku Bar, the Edge and finished off the evening clubbing in Heaven.

He lives in Docklands.. last few weeks of my life have had a Docklands/DLR theme... he he... Yesterday was spent having a pleasant day in East London, chatting, eating and then travelling home.

Do I have to go back to work? Wish I could find work closer to London/Brighton and that is interesting.. and preferably really homosexual! :o)

I shall not be going to Gay Pride this year. 3 reasons: 1) all my exs will be there, I'll be bound to bump into one, and that isn't something I'd want. 2) I have no one to go with this year... and 3) it's sooooo boring! Instead I have purchased tickets for Gay Shame. Cos it looks more fun (it has a radical knitting circle. Need I say more?)

Also been chatting with ex (I just can't bring myself to say his name any more, seems fairly pointless), which has made me realise something. He's a great guy, I'd like him as a drinking buddy (I think friend is a bit too much of a statement). But he is so arrogant, and dull. And I think, although it hurts me to say this, it was a good thing he dumped me. I have taken off my rose tinted glasses, and seen that the six months I was with him were hell, that he treated me badly, and the only thing that stopped me from dumping him during that time was that I didn't wanna be lonely.

Of course I still live in fear I'll end up lonely forever... but if I keep on putting myself out there, meeting new people, living a little, then someday I might meet the one who will sweep me off my feet and live contentedly ever after.

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