Sunday, January 06, 2013

Eurovision 2013: Switzerland

Heilsarmee - You and Me is Switzerland's entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2013

In the interest of being fair, and in the spirit of Eurovision, I shall put aside my reservations about the Salvation Army and give this due consideration.

I'll admit I've always had a weakness for Swiss entries, and this one is pretty good (for a Eurovision song). However it seems to lack a hook and I can't quite help thinking it comes over a little flat. They might put on a good show in the semi-finals. You never know!


  1. Salvation Army! This Xmas season everytime I came of of the Wal-Mart I told the bellringer, "Thank you for not having me put to death." And she or he always said, "Thank you so much, sir and Merry Christmas."

  2. :) Probably had no clue what you meant, Americans are always so polite!

    At work on Christmas Eve all our team's food (meant to last the festive period) was stolen to be donated to the Salvation Army. We were not best pleased, and I was especially unhappy as I'd earlier pointed out their homophobic record and shooed away the well-meaning person trying to steal our food. Sigh.

    1. You are right, the song isn't bad. They need a better arrangement though -- maybe some help from the Neptunes. Are you going to Malmö for the event?

    2. Nope, can't afford it (again). One day I'll make it to Eurovision!

  3. I agree it is a catchy tune, but "You cannot be serious!" surely. If this wins I shall certainly never watch Eurovision again. I used to donate regularly and substantially to the Salvation Army until I came to understand the divisiveness and prejudice that underlies this organisation. The whole concept is awful and I cannot begin to understand what the Swiss are playing at (except of course it is this nation that supplies the security forces in the Vatican in the form of the Swiss Guard). Profoundly shocked and depressed.

  4. Well I agree with what you've said. I certainly won't be voting for them!