Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I Got The Job... Damn Spoilers!

Yesterday I was in the middle of watching an episode of Airline (Satellite TV Rule 1: An episode of Airline is on at least one channel at any given moment in time) in which Leo received a phone call telling him he hadn't got his promotion. At the very second he got the news my phone rang, and I was informed I had got the promotion I was after. 

With the pay rise involved with that, the standard 3% pay rise we're likely to get once the union sees sense, the bonus I get in February and the tax changes next April things should start looking up in my bank balance over the next few months! Good news for once Dear Constant Reader. 

I have a new husband (conservatively numbered 52033). He's not like most of my husbands, more in line with the more twinky set such as Brent Corrigan a few years ago, but wow isn't he cute? Goes by the name Cody Cachet for now (until I've worked out that whole marriage equality thing, and that polyamourous marriage thing too).

 On that front the new year brings about the Westminster consultation on marriage equality (pencilled in for March so expect it to start in September), so keep an eye on my politics blog for all the normal marriage equality news. 

Oh, in case you hadn't noticed I now have a new easier URL for this blog: http://blog.jaekay.net. You're welcome ;)
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