Sunday, May 08, 2011

How Have You Been?

Dearest Constant Reader, what would I do without you? On Twitter you're judged for tweeting too much, or tweeting too little, or you have even the most vague and innocuous remarks dissected and analysed until one feels quite tired. But not here. I can pretty much write and publish anything I want without controversy or comment (except insults about Simon Hughes or porn pictures of certain celebrities, as we've learnt in the past).

People are miserable old so-and-so's, aren't they? Ironic that I should say that given the reams of misery that fill this little blog of mine... enough tales of depression and low self-esteem to keep a counsellor busy for years. But I'm mellowing with age, my depression's seem few and far between and my low self-esteem is slowly disappearing as I stopped caring what other people think. As Jim often tells me, I'm "growing up".

What have I found since I was last on here...

the Pullman: a delightful little pub off Rendezvous Street. Can't believe I've never been there before but the staff are always very welcoming.
Googies: a bit offbeat, but a nice cafe with good food and the occasional nice thing to look at. The art's good too ;)
Gary and Glenda the Gulls are back... and have three eggs. Jim and I are going to be Uncle's again!
Food is good. Diets are BAD.
American football players may not be rough and tough like rugby players but they have their upsides:

I also stood for election. Cool, huh?

Jim has left for Las Vegas this weekend and my brother and sister are due to arrive any minute. A "fun" week ahead... oh what am I saying... it's EUROVISION week!!

If you feel benevolent and particularly generous, this writer always appreciates things bought for him from his wishlist


  1. Can I ask for your help? I want ONE SECOND of your time!

    I have an idea for a 30 second movie, that will add to the couple of ’30 second movies’ I have done so far.

    Can you video yourself saying the word “WHEN” and email it to me?

    A strange request, I know, but all will become clear when I piece it together with other bloggers clips to make a famous saying.

    If you are willing – send the clip to


    I wont be (too) offended if you say no.

  2. You're absolutely right about the mellowing out part. Sometimes I have my moments of enlightenment and it might come off as depressive but I am working through something. There is a positive quality to processing your mind. I am glad you have been feeling more good days than bad :)