Thursday, May 12, 2011

Fraudsters MUST DIE

I'm going to have to go into my bank tomorrow. It's not a situation I ever want to be put into, with the queues, and the people, and all of that "human interaction" that is necessarily involved. The reason? My bank account has been compromised and someone has been topping up their mobile phone in, of all places, Hatfield and thus my debit card has been cancelled.

I will, almost certainly, get that money back. But the scars that will be left on me by having to talk to people in a bank shall last a life time. I want it known now that if I ever track down those who caused this to happen, I shall deliver swift and decisive justice.

Inconvenience is a bit like a slow death for someone like me. I dislike it greatly. Grr... in other news... it's Eurovision week! Yay! Cue picture of floppy haired Swedish entry, Eric Saade

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