Monday, February 11, 2008

Oranges And A Sour Apple

I hate to say this. It makes me feel very arrogant, and I don't like arrogance. But I often experience feelings of superiority here at work. I don't like these feelings, but the customers and a lot of the staff here seem determined to make me feel arrogantly intelligent. "What is Windows Vista?" was a question I was asked 2 times today by colleagues. Today I sent out 6 (different!) meeting requests through Outlook with the date clearly marked and obviously a note saved in the recipients calendar. 4 recipients asked me what date and time their meeting was for. 3 of those recepients are people who I regard as intelligent, sensible beings. Why on Earth would you ask this question when the answer is readily available without needing to bother another? It does not make sense.

I am starting to slowly be driven mad by the illogical questions I am asked. "What toner fits this machine?" is my current favourite... why would you bother someone else to ask this when you have the internet in front of you? And these aren't customers asking this question... I give them the benefit of the doubt. These are people in the same room as me. I know I never asked these kind of questions even when I first started here (and I got no training unlike these mummy coodled types!!!)... I found the answers out myself. I just can't understand people who don't do that themselves. :( I don't consider myself amazingly intelligent, I'm a university drop out for Christs sake. But just like at TVW I feel like a frigging genius when I'm at work.

In other news... Thursday evening Jim and I embarked upon a dietary experiment. We were to live on nothing but oranges for as long as we could as part of an "orange detox". Now I'd say we failed at this experiment, having given it up yesterday evening. But that is still three full days of just eating oranges. Which is actually quite impressive in my opinion. Trust me yesterday was the best day of the year when finally we began our cave in and ordered pizza. I almost kissed the pizza delivery guy but he was wearing a motorbike helmet.

However we have promised to be good from now on... just eating a range of foods rather than just one particular kind *shudder*. I don't think I will be able to eat another orange for quite some time.

And finally... I love this article. I think it might be a real fun experiment if I were to live my life for a week making all my decisions based on equations. What do you think?

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