Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Don't You Sometimes Wish Fridges Came In A House Size?

I am now 22. Hard to believe I started this blog at the age of 18 hailing from the bright lights of Ashley Avenue. Paddock Fields came and went. Folks Wood Way has had its day. It's now Greenwich South Street that I call home. 2 and a half weeks ago I started a new job in Vauxhall working for an internet stationary company. I would put it's name here but this blog has an infamous history with Google!

I live in a flat with my boyfriend Jim. It's quiet scary really. Here I am. New job, new life. But same old Jae. Paranoid, socially inept, and a little messed up... But I still fancy Dermot O'Leary and think straight people are a bit strange...

I miss writing here, and will return I think... New Life, New Blog!

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