Sunday, September 05, 2004

All The Things I Did

This journal is now over 3 years old! Amazing! A couple of weeks ago I spent a little time reading some of the archives, and finally I felt justified in keeping a diary. I can look back and remember stupid, funny incidents which normally would have disappeared into the mists of memory. I can remember feelings, places and people that have since passed. I'd just like to say (and I know most of my regular readers have moved on now) thank you very much for coming along for the ride!

I have begun a process of printing my blogs, every single one of them, just so that I have a written, hard copy of everything. That way whatever happens, and considering if I move out I'll be dead poor and not have a computer, I'll be able to look back and smile, cry and laugh!

Things I've been up to... trips to London (as if that'd change), visits to doctors and soon a hospital visit, been to wedding reception, Lib Dem meal and all sorts... all fun... I'm still here. 3 years and I'm still being random. At least somethings never change!

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