Saturday, March 02, 2013

Work. Work. Work. WORK.

So there have been a few changes at work of late and this means I spend Mondays and Tuesdays at Head Office in Hertfordshire testing a new website and the rest of the week in Folkestone being a call centre agent extraordinaire (as if I needed to tell you that).

This means there have been a few changes. One: I travel up and back by HS1 meaning I am once again a commuting bod. Two: I'm staying over on a Monday night in a hotel. The commuting has not been half as bad as I imagined (which means it'll be awful on Monday now!) but the hotel is dull, dull, dull. Premier Inn with Table Table for dinner. It has meant I've been getting through the books I'm trying to read though!

Amy, Zoe's baby girl, had her naming day on Sunday where I discovered two pints of lager is enough to get me pissed. I've become a terrible light weight. :(

Ayden continues to be cute. Mr Gibbs continues to plot the overthrow of the human race. All is well.

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