Friday, September 07, 2012

The Mother-in-Law and the Step Son

I never liked my step Dad. We just never connected. I know some of that was based in my own selfishness and dislike of change when Mum and I initially moved in with him but it goes without saying we didn't get on.

Never being someone who wanted children and, believing (rather naively) that as a gay guy the chances of ending up with someone with kids were minimal, I never gave much thought to the scenario that I, one day, might be the evil step Dad myself.

Life definitely has a sense of humour. Jim's son Ian has moved in with us and we're currently looking for a school place for him. He's a good kid but it is still a major change to our lives (for him and us!). It is going to be interesting to see how things evolve and what impact they have on my outlook. But I have promised myself that if I end up being the most ineffective step-parent in history, I'll at least try not to be the most hated. Must not be evil!

Jim's Mum is visiting us this week and I've been off work ill the last couple of days. I love Jim's Mum, she is quite amusing and very kind-hearted. But if she talks about dinner one more time I may loss it. If she is not cooking our dinner, she is planning it and if she is cooking it she is constantly asking what time we want it and if we want this or that in it. Whatever we decide she'll then spend an hour discussing how wrong we were to decide it but it was our choice and we'll just have to live with it... AND IT GOES ON. Over DINNER.

Jim and I's usual approach to dinner is to work out what we want 30 minutes before we eat it. Sometimes Jim might have an urge to cook one of his extraordinarily good dishes (paleo chicken curry being my favourite!) and spend a bit more time doing it but it is not something we spend all day talking about and this dinner obsession is driving me around the bend.

Please stop her.

In other news... Ayden is still looking gorgeous.

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  1. I somehow missed that you were a step-dad. Now this is gonna be a challenge, but I think it will very rewarding for all concerned.