Saturday, May 26, 2012

Eurovision Is Tonight!!!

I took the decision not to listen to Eurovision songs before the contest this year. Partly this was due to laziness, partly due to dread at the thought of some of the awful songs I'd encounter and partly to try to keep it feeling fresh for once. Usually I've heard the songs a few times before the contest and it's taken away a little of the magic for me.

And I think it worked, I enjoyed seeing what the songs were like on the night during the semi-finals, but something else has conspired to take away the Eurovision magic this year; politics. Sadly Azerbaijan's human rights record leaves a lot to be desired and that has tainted the contest for me. Anyway, here are my favourite songs from the semis that have made it through!


I won't lie, I'm not that impressed with the song itself. But Norway has obviously got some sort of Eric Saade cloning technology in use here. HOT.


I quite enjoyed this piece of Eurovision fluff. :) Greece has a good record of putting up "Eurovision" songs (that means the sort I like!)


Ruslana, Verka et al. I tend to like the Ukraine entry. This is no different, they know how to put on a show. :)


Looking good. No really... looking really good.


I wasn't a big fan of the first semi-final's selection, so despite myself I find this song pretty alright! They are still total prats...

Onwards to tonight when the Hump will Eurovision for the UK!! See that positive thinking there... Come on Britain!!!

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