Thursday, February 28, 2002

Dear Blog,
Mr. Lambert and Josie have gone to France leaving the hotel in chaos. Firstly we now have no cook, which has been fun come breakfast time. The beds are the most uncomfortable ever it is official. Mr. Singh and his dog mean sleeping in room 25 is now impossible. Abnd I've only been paid half my wages.
To top it off we have a new member of staff who's job even she has no idea about. Fun!!!!
Now its been four years today since I realised I was gay. Well in 30 minutes it will be exactly. Since I saw ,all too briefly, the most gorgeous man in all the world. Thats right the one I still obsess over even though I haven't seen him since June 18th 1998 (my fifteenth birthday!!). I wish he knew how much he shaped my life.

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