Monday, April 04, 2011

Mini Rant

I must get this off my chest. I spent years moaning about the fudged, half way house that are civil partnerships. Never once did I meet someone, or receive a comment here, from anyone who said something other than "They may not be perfect but they are a step in the right direction". From left to right I was confronted by this same argument.

Now I use that same argument (having admitted I was wrong to be such a marriage equality idealist on my other blog) regarding AV and House of Lords reform... it's not perfect but it's on the right road. And I am confronted (almost universally) by people on the left going "But it's NOT perfect, we want perfection".

I wouldn't mind so much if these people weren't the EXACT same people who were telling me not to be such an idealist and to embrace civil partnerships! Talk about pot calling kettle.

AH! It's amazing how a move from Government to Opposition turns them from pragmatists to idealists isn't it? And vice versa for me I suppose, if I'm honest. But still... I've come over to their way of thinking and they've gone and abandoned me. Typical. I could scream.

Thus ends the rant.

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