Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Step Into The Light

I started this blog as I was nervous about starting at Brighton uni. I was nervous about flying the nest. Since then it's gone through a lot with me... Uni, attempted suicide, my jaunt to Europe, my Faulty Towers episode, unemployment, the Hardc0re 3, Eurotunnel, my crush on Ben, the end of mine and Stephens relationship, the transfer to Three Valleys, the wasted six months with Gareth, the new depression, various fucks and fuck ups, 2 and a half years of my life.

But it's time to put it to rest. It'll be a silent death.. no one reads it anyway! I'll miss you Dear Constant Reader. You've been my companion as I tried to better myself. And failed.

I bid ye farewell, safe journey. Don't forget to turn off the lights on your way out.

Friday, February 06, 2004

Same Story

I got my "Thanks but no thanks" phone call from Mark today. I kinda guessed.. I think I have a sixth sense for this kind of thing.

Oh well... I give up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 05, 2004


I don't know. The census reveals some crazy stuff.. not least: this. 39,261 households are occupied by gay and lesbian couples.. hmm.... doesn't quite ring true to me. Asking whether someone is gay or lesbian is a lot better way of finding out sexualities of households than asking "What is the relationship" of people in the property. As our census choose to do... stupid! If you want a stupid answer.. ask a stupid question. If you want a clear answer.. ask a clear question!

almost starting to make some progress: here. But do you honestly believe we will??

Don't Worry, Cos I'll Always Be There For You

Why do I not publish on here so often?

Because I have found livejournal, which offers more choice, ease of access, and sense of community than blogger.

I find that by making my posts friends only, I can continue to be completely indiscreet, while ensuring I hurt no ones feelings in doing so.

I suppose I worry now that this blog and my openness on it has harmed relationships and could well do so again.

DOn't get me wrong I'll still post on here... but LJ has now become my main outlet... and of course your all free to add me as LJ friends and I'll add you... well 99% of you... :op