Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Collabor88 Haul #SecondLife

Collabor88's January event has begun (the catalogue is here) and, like almost every event in Second Life, it is mostly female fashion. But I still managed to get a couple of awesome things. 

Firstly Jian has a Panther Chameleon available for L$288. I seem to be unable to resist anything Jian offers at events but this is a particularly great one. Not only do you get a cabinet display with one gorgeous chameleon but you also get a stick based version to use around your home area and a wearable one for your hand complete with an animation override. Great value and gorgeous too. 

And Trompe Loeil, another creator I can't seem to resist, has a great little Asian-inspired "cottage" which is absolutely beautiful (seen on my island below) which is only L$88. The quality is so fantastic, and Trompe Loeil always seems to offer their stuff for ridiculously low prices. Amazing. My island is filling up with their builds!


  1. That Panther Chameleon looks awesome. How does the monetary system work in Second Life? Do you earn or buy L$?

    1. For most people you just buy Lindens. The exchange fee is $0.99 and 2500 Lindens is about $10.00 (US).

      However... Second Life has a complex and mature economy and the ways you can make money are nearly limitless.

      Popular "easy" ways are: become a DJ at club nights, become a dancer and earn tips, win contests (best dressed usually).

      More difficult ways include: become a creator (design and make anything from avatar shapes, skins or even mesh bodies, build furniture, houses, anything you can imagine. Jian, for example, makes animals), buy land and rent it out to others or (what I do) engage in gacha reselling. Gacha is a form of randomised buying. You pay a machine 50 lindens and it provides you an item from a set. Some are common. Some are rare. If you need the whole set (i.e. it might be an outfit and you really need the jacket to complete your look) you might spend 1000s of Lindens trying to get it. If you "win" an item you can resell it (creators decide what can and can't be resold) so it is cheaper for someone to pay a higher price but know they are getting the item. So I play gachas, add a surcharge and sell them on the Second Life Marketplace (my store is here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/203042). It is risky but relatively lucrative. You might sell a particularly sort after rare item for 1000s of Lindens.

      I do not break even though, so it just helps supplement my Linden balance rather than replace the Linden buying...

  2. That is indeed an impressive range of possibilities!