Sunday, April 30, 2006

One More Sleep

Tomorrow I fly out of the country... Now Saturday is out the way I'm really looking forward to it! It's gonna be a blast...

Mmmm... this pic is NOICE (as they say at work)

Saturday, April 29, 2006

A Doing Day

I am the laziest person. I can procrastinate with the best of 'em. And I'm proud of it.

I've been dreading today all week (as much as you can dread something as dreary as chores). But I've so far managed to get a haircut, buy new clothes (yes in a shop, with real money and I tried them on before I bought them... see I am getting better!) and clean the kitchen in preparation for our holiday. It makes me feel less lazy... never a good thing!!!

This is Quentin Jones who I had a huge crush on while he was playing Declan in Family Affairs. Yes I was the only person who watched that show.

Jim has begun to catalogue all our DVD's; see the tip of the iceberg here. These are just the ones lying around the front room...

Today my thoughts are with the Polish gay community.

Friday, April 28, 2006


I just had a rather strange experience at Waterloo. There I was buying
my Economist at the small W H Smith by Platform 4 (where I don't
normally go). I walk up to the man at the checkout who makes some joke
about me being a keen economist (HA HA) and then says "So Jae, what
have you got planned this weekend?".

How does he know my name??? Obviously being British I didn't ask
him... But WEIRD!

Getting 1) excited about Thailand trip 2) stressed by amount of stuff
to do this weekend and 3) worried about my money situation in

So pretty much business as usual in the world of Jae... except for
that man at W H Smiths...

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Happy Birthday Jim!!

Jim is 19 (again) today... so Happy Birthday to him. I love you Jim!!!!!! Had a buffet dinner at the Saigon Buffet today (not as good as the Vietnam Restaurant) but ok. Yum anyway... prawn toast is LOVELY isn't it?

Paul and his girlfriend have opened up a baby store (no you can't buy babies!) specialising in girls clothing check out Baby Blossom. P.S Paul this link will cost you at least two trips to the fridge to get me some Diet Coke when you get back to work!!

All is well with the world... less than a week till my Thai adventure...

Monday, April 24, 2006

Things I Like

Hmm... I like Ziki. It seems pretty cool... click the link below to see my Ziki page

I don't know how popular it'll be, but it looks nice... and reminded me I have a Flickr page

Longer term readers may remember I was once a keen player of Nationstates and for a while I was a delegate for the region OUTeverywhere. Why not check out my latest nation and come join me in the game! Together we can take over the world! The creator Max Barry is a genius, and his books are awesome.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Happy Not So English Day

Today is the vastly over rated St Georges Day. I am not going to insult the English in this post as I'm usually apt to do. Although I'm interested to hear their thoughts on having an over subscribed (is there anything or anywhere he isn't patron of??), non English saint as their patron?

Now the English have St George, the Welsh have St David and Scotland has St Andrew. Who do we Brits have? Britannia of course! She's way better looking, hasn't the religious association of a saint (ok some good old Paganism maybe!), and has never done a thing wrong because she doesn't exist!

Give me a Britannia Day!!!! We can take one of those unnamed Bank Holidays and make it way more exciting... none of those boring and drab flags of St George... glorious, wonderful Union flags... my heart skips a beat at the very thought...

Commander in Chief is back (woo)... and Matt Lanter can return to his rightful place on my iPod.

George Bush... adopt a son like this... it'll boost those ratings!!

EDIT: I live just down from Blackheath and just up from Cutty Sark, two of the most famous landmarks on the London Marathon course... the kids had to go home last night as all the roads are closed around here today. Helicopters fill the air...

Just watching the start on telly (honestly, I could probably see some of it by looking out the window... lazy!) and Jade Goody has totally cheered me up. She was being interviewed along with Gordon Ramsey and he looked at her shoes and went "you're wearing plimsoles, you're not even wearing trainers".... her response... she said how she'd only trained for 20mins and got bored so stopped... the presenters were speechless...

This should be interesting...

I may drag myself over to Cutty Sark to see the runners stream past...

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Yet Another Obsession

So you thought you'd heard of all my childhood obsessions recently? Wrong... trust me they were limitless... obviously now I never get obsessed with anything (of course not... Ed)

Today I purchased my first coin in ages. Yes I am (was) a coin collector. My collection seemingly appeared from no where and grew... somehow. I've never quite been sure how and why it started or grew... I just remember someone giving me a jar of coins one day and things went from there... I had (have somewhere) ancient Thai coins, Napoleonic coins, commerative coins and just about every coin of the old Empire and Europe. How much was spent on my collection? Ooo... about.... zero pence. The 6 year old collector has his means I suppose...

Well today I bought myself a 2001 Sacagawea Dollar. I have the feeling it won't be my last purchase...

Look here's my wish list

I have found a new person to lust over...

Greg Vaughan

Friday, April 21, 2006

I Crave Your Love

From the first time I discovered CK Crave in the Eurotunnel terminal I've been in love. It is the most amazing fragrance. Today I got delivered some at work... it's been almost a year since I last had some... just the smell put me in a good mood. It reminds me of everything good in the world. The day it's discontinued will be a sad day indeed.

I went out to the Lavender tonight for GP's leaving do. I was there three hours... how did I get soooo drunk?? Oh well... probably the last time the American temps will be in such large numbers. Sam America, when she returns, will probably be the only American in the company by the time I return from Thailand... that'll be a culture shock!

The Jae Kay Literacy Drive continues.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Nothing Much To Say Today

So instead... may I start by giving an early Happy Birthday to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. I know the Americans (and some fiendish republicans) will poo poo her and say how archaic and despotic the whole monarchy thing is... but I have to say she's done an awesome job. She oversaw the most peaceful end to an empire in known history and the painful birth of a our current successful country. She has been tolerant of the whims of her people (devolution) and has been a knowledgeable friend to her Prime Ministers.

I'd rather have her than President Blair or, God forbid, President Bush. God Save The Queen, Long May She Reign.

Finland and Eurovision. It would seem the Finns aren't too happy about their entry. I like the idea of Eurovision having a bit of variety and Lordi certainly are that. It's too late now to change and the Finns should just give 'em a chance and get behind them.

Ben Affleck... a cutie. I won't say anymore as if you haven't got anything nice to say it's sometimes best to keep quiet.

Dean R Koontz sometimes really hits the mark with his books. Sometimes he bores me rigid. But I'm currently reading Velocity, lent to me by Zoe, and I'm half way through. It seems to be ticking all the required good boxes so far. Please Mr Koontz don't let me down!!

Talking of books is there any kind and generous soul out their who might peruse my wish list and purchase me one or two for my journey to Thailand next month...

11 days till Thailand....

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A Minor Quake In Life

Let's hope it doesn't lead to the Big One... Keep your fingers crossed huh?

Talking of quakes my favourite American city San Francisco is remembering a slight tremor which occured 100 years ago today. Doubt you've heard of it! ;op

Hmm... time I came out... I have a tall person fetish... Spose that's healthy being that I am 6'9" - 6'10" (I promise I will properly measure myself soon!)

Petr Cech... 1.97m... I'll have two!!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Morally Irresponsible Electorate

So supposedly 25% of the electorate are contemplating voting BNP. And what's the liberal response?

' Liberal Democrat President Simon Hughes urged voters not to be taken in by the "simplistic promises" of the BNP, but said that the main parties had only themselves to blame if people were turning away from them.

He said successive Tory and Labour governments had failed to provide enough affordable housing where families wished to live. '

WHAT???? First off scoring political points in this argument is disgusting. And secondly just because the parties aren't connecting with voters (supposedly!) there can be no excuse for being so idiotic and morally reprehensible as to vote BNP. I hate this whole "blame any one but the individual" argument that always seems to occur. Each and every person who votes for the BNP is voting for even bigger, even more controlling Government. A Government that would take away individuals rights to dictate their own culture and their own lifestyle. That is not a morally neutral vote. Those who vote for less freedom should be condemned.

Don't get me wrong. I believe in freedom of speech and the right to vote. I believe that if you are a racist you should be allowed to say anything you want (as long as it doesn't incite violence or threaten individuals). I do not believe that you have any right over anyone else's lifestyle and if you attempt to take away others freedoms through "fair" or foul means (such as an election) then you are immoral. Government should only be there to protect our freedoms, our lives and our property. The BNP would use it for so much more... hence why I condemn those who vote for them.

'According to Griffin [BNP's leader], homosexuality is “form of behavioural deviancy” and “not a valid lifestyle choice”. He claims the BNP speaks for “the majority of the population” who, he says, believe “homosexuality is wrong” and that it “needs to be pushed humanely but firmly back into the closet”. Griffin warns that if gays continue to “press their aims further” there will be an “almighty backlash” which will result in the imprisonment of all homosexuals.'

Quote from here

Now you understand why I am against gun control...

Two fingers up to the British National Party...

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Eating Out

On Good Friday we watched Eating Out. It's not a bad movie, amusing and fun... another piece of fluff to go alongside all the other fluffy gay movies out there.

After watching that we headed down to Lympne to see the family. Had an Indian for dinner. YUM.

Today went on a trek through Hythe and Folkestone to get an expansion pack for Georges Sims 2. Found it in Folkestone Woolworths. Two constant truths about south east Kent are: 1) Hythe has an average age of 90 and 2) Folkestone men are GORGEOUS until they reach 25 at which point they became hideously ugly (possibly so as to not show up their mean faced (and spirited) wives)

Ate lunch at some pub in Hythe which was gorgeous. However realised why I dislike Hythe so much... everyone stares at you and talks about you behind your back...

Am home again now though, safe among all the other freaks of London.

Hey, Romney Marsh has a superhero the Scarecrow Of Romney Marsh. Who'd have thought it??

New series of Doctor Who starts tonight... I feel quite dirty... I've never fancied the Doctor before. Shame on me...

Click here for my Easter present to you Dear Constant Reader... Happy Easter!!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

They Don't Make Telly Like They Used To

Emu's Al Live Pink Windmill Show is proof of this... and who can ever forget Knightmare? Way ahead of it's time.

Raggy Dolls, Superted, Banana Man. Awesome programmes with absolutely no educational value whatsoever... Tellytubbies, Tweenies and Balamory just ain't the same as Play School.

Last night had work drinks at the Dusk Bar in Battersea. Due to a distinct lack of anyone else in the bar it had absolutely no atmosphere, which wasn't helped by the icy waitress. When asked for a Long Island Ice Tea by Scott her response was "We don't do those in here, do you want to get drunk or something?". Yes actually... that's why we were in a bar... after all we weren't there to soak up the non existent ambience. An extensive cocktail list was provided (I did my best to try all of it as was evidenced by my drunken wander home), and their Warsaw Pact was divine. But crap food, crap service and crap atmosphere make this a should avoid... go to the Lost Society in Clapham instead!

Yoinked from the ever awesome Male and Beautiful

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Raggy Dolls... Raggy Dolls... Dolls Like You and Me.

More on them tomorrow! Also featuring Superted, T Bag and other gems.

Our weekly trip to bowling was last night. I think my improvement
has plataeu'd and I'm just not able to reach the magic 100 score...
must do better!! Smaller crowd than usual, so fairly quiet. JP, Scott
and I did manage the now obligatory trip to the noodle bar at Elephant
and Castle.

Have received and eaten my first Easter Egg of the season...

I'll leave you with this thought... "there's somebody at the door...
there's somebody at the door..." From what programme was that a

Monday, April 10, 2006

Tomorrow I Think I'll Talk About... Raggy Dolls!

Fingers crossed everyone for a Centre Left victory in Italy. Berlusconi turned out to be one very unsavoury fellow who has done little to stop Italy becoming the new poor man of Europe. I've read a few interviews where people have complimented him on making Italy known around the world. 1) he sure did but known for having a rather rude and corrupt leader (in his own words) and 2) who could forget Italy in the first place?????? It's too beautiful and beguiling to not know about.

Well everyone go pay a visit to my tenant (right hand side) and say hi! That blog is sooo cool.

Last night I saw Hostel. It was a good movie, however it was totally disgusting. No I'm not talking about the violence (gory and extreme)... I'm talking about the hideous amount of naked female bodies! ;o) But I liked it and trust me if you like women and horror... you'll love this movie!!! OK.. I'll admit it... two of the blokes are lovely as well...

Also trying to watch Godzilla vs Destroyer on my iPod. You have to love Japanese Godzilla movies... awesome!

I saw the below picture and thought some rather naughty things... isn't he glorious??

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Movie Time

As the kids are down this weekend Jim and I took them to the Greenwich Picturehouse to see Ice Age The Meltdown.

I've read some bad reviews of this movie, but I have to say it does the job... it's entertaining, uncontroversial fluff; just right for a family outing. Sprat, on an endless quest for his acorn, remains the star. He's so cute...

As ever the kids made us watch The Wizard of Oz. Now despite being a Friend of Dorothy I actually prefer the darker Return To Oz. Hey... here's something I didn't know (one of so many things!)... there are 40 canonical Oz books. After Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Narnia movies... it's only a matter of time before they start churning out Oz films!!!

Last night saw Roll Bounce. It's not bad, a real feel good kind of movie. And the boys... C.U.T.E. Set in the summer of 1978 it follows a group of friends who start going to a Northside roll skating disco after their Southside one closes, and spend the summer preparing for a skate off against a very defined bloke called Sweetness. Again, it's a bit of fluff... in a nice way...

And picture of the week goes to this guy... mmm... big arms!!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

A Pictorial Interlude

Out bowling! 5th April 2006

Out drinking at the Lost Society in Clapham 7th April 2006

Goodbi(!) Morgan!

Petty Events Are The Root Of Evil And Other Stories

Last night headed out for a double leaving do to Lost Society. Alex from accounts and Morgan from my department were leaving and as always we sent them out in style. The Lost Society is cool, relaxed and the staff are courteous (and gorgeous!). If you get a chance pop by. Really liked it.

I shall miss Morgan loads, proper southern belle from South Carolina. Will have to keep in contact with her. I hate the fact we have temps at work. Not because I'm a pompous git who looks down on them, but because they turn up and you start to make friends with them... then they leave. Our work nights out are a constant revolving door of hellos and goodbyes. Horrid.

I am beginning to almost understand some of the geography of south east London (where I live and work). And I really am getting to grips with the train network (obviously as trains have always been my preferred method of travel). But I'm always finding new ways home... Clapham to flat door in 40 minutes... not bad in the middle of the night!

Went to McDonalds to get brekkie this morning... one of the members of staff took my order wrong... fine, I work in customer service and I don't get bothered by that kind of thing. But then when I said to his colleague I also wanted something else, he basically accused me of underpaying on purpose in hopes of getting a little extra.

I almost floored the bastard there and then. I let it piss me off, which was stupid, but God some people haven't the fucking first clue of how to treat customers.

And this is from Jae the bloke who will happily eat cold food in a restaurant rather than cause any bother...

Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Ramblings Of A Drunk

Sorry for yesterdays drunk post. I don't quite know how I managed to get drunk, I didn't have any more than 4 pints at bowling. I've become such a lightweight. Gone are the days of my binge drinking (the infamous 18th Birthday Table Of Beer springs to mind) and hangover free mornings. Shame...

My hand is still grotesque... planning on being a hand model in a romcomzom (Shaun of the Dead 2: The Hand of Jae?)...

Don't Panic. I know it's hard... Breath deeply... not that deeply if near swans... OK... I can't hold it in any more.. It's every biped for itself. Kill the birds! We're all going to die!

Or not.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Just Beyond My Reach

There's a lot of gay men still in the closet. A lot. Most are desperate to come out... the sooner the better.

But there's still far too many who pretend to be straight, who go through with the whole wife and child lifestyle. And they bloody annoy me. They annoy me in a very weird way.

I see them in the street, in pubs, all over the place. And there they'll be laughing and joking with whomever... till they see you. Their eyes give the game away... first recognition.. followed by fear... fear of exposure...

I see them and I feel utter pity for them... I just want to hug them, tell them I'll protect them, and take care of them... but there's nothing I can do. After all they are pretty much traitors to the cause. That's what frigging annoys me.

There's someone I know like that at the moment, someone I desperately want to help... I won't of course... but when he says things like "Jason, I'm a few steps behind you"... I just wanna hug him... or beat him up for being a traitor... ANNOYING!

Went bowling today... yay!!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Touch My Fire

Sunday evening I had a fight with a frying pan and some hot oil... my left hand and I lost. Don't worry; my left hand took the brunt of it.

I've spent the last couple of days with a lovely blistered left hand which looks a bit like Freddy Kruegers... I feel like Colin off the Brittas Empire with his icky cut hand...

I am proud however not to have screamed like a girl when it happened. Kudos to me...

Talking of the Brittas Empire... wasn't that show just soooo good. Carole the crazed receptionist was hilarious!!

Is this Randy Orton? Do I really care?

Anyone got a spare £1 million lying around? I really want that town... Go on... treat me!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Loves Of My Youth...

Even the most cynical of us have our childhood weaknesses... my first one is The Wuzzles

As a small child these were my favourite Disney characters... Disney was my first obsession... followed quickly by Monsters In My Pocket. I am still proud to admit I once owned the entire collections of series 1, series 2 and series 3. This was in no small part due to my Mum's brilliant idea of opening all the boxes they had in Gamleys Maidstone and swapping them around so that each pack I bought contained no duplicates (we could barely afford ends meat at the time so you really can't blame her!). My Mum was my hero from that day forward.

This obsession soon fell to my comic obsession (my Issue 1 of 2000AD is one of my most treasured possessions). This lead to an X Men obsession...

Followed by my secret love of the 2099 Universe...

I have an obsessive personality, and many other shows tickled my fancy...

Transformers was awesome, but my true love were the Dinobots (like most sane and reasonable people ;op Dinosaurs were [and still are] an interest).

He-Man. What can I say? Even as a 4 year old I found this guy attractive!

And then there was Inspector Gadget, M.A.S.K. and Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors

What were your youthful obsessions?

Saturday, April 01, 2006

A Spring Clean Of My Kitchen and Philosophy

Love Google's April Fool

I have spent much of the morning cleaning the kitchen. God it was awful. Despite being one very lazy person I have to admit there is nothing better than the satisfied feeling one has from a job well done. Seeing that kitchen looking Mum worthy for once was brilliant. In celebration of this I bring you the following video (warning advert ahead!) I've seen floating round the net this month... the Cleaning Hunk.

If only!

Since the left wing hysteria of my latter teenage years I've moved from Communist sympathiser to the libertarian I am today. I think my job brought me to this particular philosophy... dealing with members of the public day in and day out taught me one thing... I do not want to be forced to share my hard earned cash with some of these horrid people.

I'd always favoured taxing the rich, supporting public services and proactive military intervention in the cause of freedom. But each tenet has been proven wrong. The Government and public companies can barely be trusted to do a good job. Just read the Private Eye once in a while to see the jokes our taxes pay for. Amusing but not that amusing!!! How can I argue in favour of higher taxation if our elected representatives squander what we give them now? And how can I support any military campaign of aggression against anyone by such incompetent fools.

And again... I really don't want to be funding 1) a Government that attempts to deny me liberty and 2) people who I don't won't anything to do with (pretty much 60% of the population).

I have to say the following animation pretty much sums up my current stance...

The Philosophy of Liberty Yoinked from Uncommon Sense