Monday, October 31, 2005

I Hope You Have A Peaceful Samhain

This isn't the Samhain post I was going to write, but the real one was way too scary (for me anyway!) to dwell on so I posted it early!

Go visit my current "Rent My Blog" tenant and scroll down the left side of his blog to see an amusing Halloweenish cartoon. Brilliant!

I hope you all take the time this evening, as Samhain begins, to reflect. Reflect on any regrets you may have; tonight is the time to put them to rest. And reflect that this world still holds many mysteries for which we have no explanation or at least a solution!... here are a few "true" life mysteries for your consideration...

The Nameless Thing Of Berkeley Square

The U-28 Abomination

The Oak Island Money Pit - Always loved this story...

The Mothman In Sandling, Kent??? And other weird Kentish creatures - that's no more than a mile from Lympne, my old home!

The Blue Bell Hill Hauntings When I was little, Blue Bell Hill was always the setting for the infamous hitch hiker urban legend. In fact it was normally the setting for anything spooky as it was only down the road from us!

And finally... another local one this... all the Ghosts of Pluckley

Happy Halloween Dear Constant Reader...

Blessed Be

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Halloween Interlude

That's the kind of Halloween gear I would like to encourage every cute guy of legal age to wear!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

A Not So Happy Halloween! Jae Tells His Scary Story

EEK! Was going to save this up for Monday, but I got curious. I went searching the net and found this and this... that's other people having the same experience with the Shadow Man... and have scared myself so silly that I just wanna get it out the way now... :o(

The Dark Man of Sharnall Lane

I was only 4 or 5 years old, living in my Nan's house in Snodland with her, my Mum, Auntie Melly and probably my Uncle Graham. The night it happened everyone had gone out, and Melly was babysitting me with her boyfriend, Mick. Now number 9 Sharnall Lane sat opposite a graveyard, and on 2 sides of it was a spooky (for my over imaginative imagination anyway!) disused road leading to a large house that had been abandoned... it was partially obscured by trees and my young mind always pictured it as some old colonial style house with a porch etc (in Snodland? Yeah... right). And to knock it off the rumour was (is!) that the street was built over an old plague pit. So I'll admit... I was always in the state of mind to expect the unexpected...

That night she put me to bed, leaving the door open on to the hallway... the stairs ran at right angles to the hallway down the side of my room. It wasn't more than five minutes later, as I stared lazily out the door into a hallway lit only with the light from downstairs, that he strood into view as if he'd walked down the hall from my Nan's room, not up the stairs. He nearly filled the doorway. He was black... and I don't mean he had a gorgeous chocolate skin hue. He was pitch black, beyond his out line there was nothing discernible... no facial features or clothes... except that is for his bright red eyes. Now like any young child seeing that I SCREAMED!!!! Melly came crashing up the stairs and he strode of out of view down the hall. I told her what I'd seen and she seemed worried. She rushed out and called for Mick and together they checked the other rooms. She came back and calmed me down... a fifteen year old herself but she knew how to sooth me... and they both wandered downstairs relieved. It was just a childs nightmare...

And as they got comfy on the sofa again... he strode back again... now this time I know I was awake... this was no dream... and he stared at me, and it wasn't a disinterested stare, it was a hateful look that still chills me to this day. I know this sounds silly but this time I was too scared to scream. It was the barks of my nan's toy poodle Lucy that scared him away this time. She came charging up the stairs and down the hallway after him. I called for Melly and she came and I told her what happened... Lucy was now sitting in the hallway growling (this wasn't unusual... she was a mean tempered little creature who would growl all day long just for fun). She told me not to be silly... it had been Mick all along, trying to scare me...

I was so relieved, not quite believing her but wanting to believe her.... and I fell asleep quickly after that.. the door was closed this time...

He never came back any other night, but it was a long, long time before I started sleeping with the door even slightly ajar... if I'm alone at anytime I often make sure all the doors in a house are closed before I can settle... sad but all too true...

A year or so before Melly died I was talking with her about something and the subject of that night came up... I laughingly joked to her about how silly it had been for me to think Mick was a demon! She then said something that made me feel rather sick...

"Jay" (for that is how I was known back in the day!) "it wasn't Mick, I just wanted you to go to sleep so said it was. You and Lucy really freaked me and him out!!!"

Whether you believe it was a demon or just my overactive imagination I've actually spoken to a couple of people who've seen the same apparation, but in their own homes... maybe you should sleep with that door closed tonight huh?


Sam and Meredith came to visit and after wandering the market we headed for the Maritime Museum and the Observatory...

Ships ahoy!!!! Sam and Meredith somewhat inland...

The little people know... that when little people fight...

Honestly you can't take Americans anywhere!

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I love Greenwich!

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Legs astride the meridian!

Friday, October 28, 2005

What's Gaying On?

After listening to Marshall on Gayborhood Radio cry because some bastards broke into his car, quite probably because he had a Gayborhood Radio sticker in his window, I thought it was time to check out what's happening in Gay World.

Our new vows have been released ready for Decembers onslaught of awfully over the top homo "weddings" (gals it ain't a wedding until we are totally equal with the breeders) proving once and for all; gay people are just as dull as straight people. Hurrah! And hey look Northern Ireland, famous for it's hospitality ("we don't like the blacks, the whites, the gays, the Catholics, the Protestants, the British, the Irish... and we really don't like the police"), takes the modern world in it's stride. "You can't get married here" YAY! Look I'm agreeing with a Sinn Fein councillor. The world has gone mad...

Sulu comes out. Maybe now those slash stories can stop focussing on Kirk and Spock! Yay for George!

In not so shocking news most actors in Czech gay porn are straight. Well that's fairly obvious... why do you think we like them so? Straight men like to watch women having sex with each other. We like to watch straight men having sex with each other.

Least theres no executions to report today huh?


'Ahead of William's visit, Charlton manager Alan Curbishley - the second longest serving manager in the Premier League - had warned the prince would be put through his paces.

Mr Curbishley said: "Being landed in south London with a group of people that he perhaps doesn't know too much about, we will try to let him enjoy himself.

"If we can get a pair of boots that fit him we will see what he's got."

He added: "He looks like someone who likes to stick the ball in the back of the net."'
Footballers and their managers... the stuff their come out with is just classic...

Check This Out

Jae Kay... your source for Prince William news...
The picture is just classic...

Thursday, October 27, 2005

I Admit It Sometimes I'm A Sad Bastard

So just some BBC News stories of interest (to me)

Chimps are horrid or so claims this unscientific study of just 29 chimps... 29 chimps doth not a good study make. I hate seeing this sloppiness in the media. Fine it indicates a possible underlying trend in captive chimpanzees that's worthy of further study (although not in my opinion). But I hate it when it's reported in a way without any analysis of how this study is not very representative.

But beavers are nice (down boys, not that kind of beaver... you disgust me!). Yay for reintroduction of species... if only because I love the idea of more species diversification, especially large mammals (mmm... boars)...

Antarctic turmoil. Now I don't know if we should feel bad that these species will die or not... change is good for evolution and are we responsible or not. Ok I think we are causing some global warming (I'm not one of those crazy people who doesn't believe in global warming and thinks we all can keep on doing what we do without any consequences). But part of the warming could also be that we are living through the end of an ice age. Yes guys and gals... the Earth has always been historically warmer than it has been for the last few thousand years...

A Sight For Sore Eyes

*queue M People music, which I'm listening to right now by virtue of being on hold... joy*
I am so unhappy with my work life at the moment. VERY UNHAPPY. I know this is read by some people at work so I won't go into details but... :o(
Plans for the future: apply to join the Gay and Lesbian Switchboard (charity work in a field that interests me... perfect), November is officially Save Jae's Money month which shall involve me trying not to spend money (HA!) and requesting hand outs from you Dear Constant Reader. Ok probably not that but I will try to save my money! Erm.. and whatever happens between now and next time I do a "and coming soon" update.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Miss Jae Kay

Oh yes. It's finally happened. Staying in hotels when you are gay is often an interesting experience. You get the whispered "You both know it's a double bed don't you?" and the occasional raised eyebrow. But never have I been called Miss Kay before.

Jim's just got the confirmation for our Lochgoilhead trip and it's for Mr Niven and Miss Kay... JOY! They may just get a little shock...


Thanks Tottyland for the shirtless pics of Tom Welling!

I Am That Weirdo On The Train!

I was listening to Twinkleboi's podcast today on the way here to work... and he and his friend Fiona were out for a walk talking stupid. And they made me laugh, they are both completely loony and before I knew it one muffled laugh had become a whole string of loud guffaws. I was given the strangest looks by the people on the train... the "Oh My GOD it's a weirdo" look that British commuters are so good at. In the end I had to stop listening, I'd got the giggles.
I am soooo ashamed after all I've said about commuter ettiquette. I need a good spanking (administered by Tom Welling please!)

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

And She Just Said No

Rosa Parks is dead. May she rest in peace, she shall never be forgotten. She showed us that standing up (or sitting down) for what you believe in, even in the face of oppression and convention, isn't always futile. Nuff said.

The National Archives begin to release public information films. Pretty funny, and rather interesting.

Work is driving me up the wall... can't I become a man of leisure, who's only decisions are "What colour trunks should the pool boy wear?" And if you don't know the answer to that by now Dear Constant Reader then start paying attention! ;op

Please visit the current tenant of my Rent My Blog section on the right, he won't be there much longer and you'll miss out on some laughs if you don't check him out now!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Another One Of Those Days

I'm thinking, given that I'm really not being a proper Wiccan at mo, that I'll post a little in the lead up to Samhain about what it means to me to be Wiccan, and how I could be a little better at it. Ok a lot better!

Today has been awful. Our three strongest players, as it were, were away leaving us newer people to try our best to pick up the slack. Doing my work plus some others really stressed me out. Felt so good to get out till I got to Waterloo East. "Please note that the 18:38 to Dartford will be comprised of 4 coaches not 8". One sentence that spelt 15 minutes of living hell... I hate trains, and managed to fall (quite dramatically) on to some poor unsuspecting lady when the train moved... :o( I am soooo sorry innocent lady.

Got home, and while washing up listened to Bad Weeds SF... and that cheered me up! I won the "Guess the weight of the pumpkin" contest... woo... can't wait to find out what I've won...

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Challenge Jae

Jim has set me a challenge. In an effort to Jae-ify (my new word) the flat, he wants me to buy a piece of art (pictures please!) to have in place by mid November when he will be back from the States.

So Dear Constant Reader... can you suggest any good art retailers here in London that I can browse around? Said art must be child friendly...

Jae's Couch Potato Film Review

Hmm... I should be at Kentish Town station right now, but I can't be arsed.

Hooligans a.k.a Green Street. A movie about the "Firms" of football supporters. Jim liked this movie a lot. I have to say, although it wasn't bad and Charlie Hunnam makes for pretty good eye candy, it was just another movie set in Britain glorifying macho thug culture. YAWN! Do 90% of the movies set in Britain have to have the same boring plot?

The Brothers Grimm. Not too bad, shame the plot kind of starts to get going but then gives up 3 quarters of the way through and we're left with an average ending. Does remind me just how scared I used to get reading some fairytales!

THe Fog (2005). Some reviews I've read of this say "It's so bad, it's good". Now as a seasoned aficionado of crap horror movies I have to say... it's not. It is just awful. It's not even close to being Friday the 13th Part 3. NOT EVEN CLOSE. The plot (and considering we all know the plot already this is a pretty amazing achievement) doesn't really go anywhere. It is a nothing sort of movie. If you have to go to this then you may well be saved by one thing and that is a certain hunky actor is in it... Tom Welling...

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Jae Loves The Interweb

Joined the latest must have geek tool craze today... I downloaded Flock. It's not that bad, only did it to see if this blog worked ok on it. Check it out.

Have you visited Atom films yet? I love that site, some brilliant films to download from there!!

Also get some classics from the Archive. Bets now being taken on how long before Google takes that over?

Jim and I have spent the day being very lazy... got some pirate DVDs after lunch at the Cutty Sark and have vegged out with them... reviews tomorrow... bet you can't wait huh? :o)

Prince Harry

You so would, wouldn't you?

Friday, October 21, 2005

PoetX.... your wish is my command

Jae The Fairy Godmother of Half Naked Men Doth Grant A Readers Wish To See His Royal Highness Prince William In A Little Less Clothing...

If that's not enough to keep you royalist then there's no hope for ya!

Prince William... in an army uniform.

PHWOAH! That is all I can say about that news story...

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Jae Takes A Step Back

*Click on the rent my blog link... you'll make me very happy*

Remember when you first discovered the internet? Do you remember the years before Google (BG)? I'd forgotten... but thought I'd go look up some old friends to see how they are doing.

I was at school the first time I went on the web and the first page I ever saw was shown to me by Pete (you popped my internet cherry!). That site is one of the strangest on the web. Reverse Speech is an interesting if slightly weird site about reversing peoples speech to reveal hidden messages (urban myth? NEVER!).

Another golden oldie still going strong is Total Obscurity. HILARIOUS! I actually feel bad I'd forgtten about it. It's that good!

Then there was the first blog I ever found, Mister Alan. I found it after I had been blogging for ages. Strange but true. I started blogging after reading about it in the Guardian and didn't even get into reading others blogs for about 6 months. Through commenting there I discovered Karen who became a firm favourite.

Oooo.. and back to school again... who remembers the Death Clock? Why was everyone so interested in it? Not an IT lesson went by without it...

Don't Panic

Last night, while I was half watching Matthew Kelly in Cold Blood (he was scary!!!!) and half updating my code on my blog to the Rent My Blog function from Blogexplosion (see on the right... please click the thumbnail picture, that way I won't make you buy me a Christmas present [offer not valid to people I have met in the real world!]), I managed to delete my blog code. :o( So lots of links are missing. Don't worry the link to your page will be back up tonight, as you can I see I did some last night but it was late and I have been so tired the last few weeks. 
The train to work today was... interesting.It arrived a minute early and I got on. It was crowded but not so bad as to be unbearable. We stopped at Deptford and began to speed up for London Bridge. Then we stopped. For half an hour. Then we moved... and then stopped just outside the station. For another ten minutes. A few feet away from me some bloke threw up in a plastic bag, causing commotion as certain passengers fled the scene. Then we started and stopped and started and stopped. By the time we made it to Waterloo East I was ready to scream... my back hurt as train carriages aren't tall enough for me (one of the many problems of living here on Midget World), it smelt of sick and some child had decided to sit down and lean against my leg. GRRRRRRR.... Stressful.
Looking ahead... I shall redesign this blog by 15th November 2005. I want spangles and sparkles and a proper sized title graphic. I am looking into doing the occassional podcast.
In the real world probably gonna try to have a quiet weekend, although Sam America wants me to go to The Church on Sunday (a very dodgy Aussie bar). After that... who knows! Jim's going away to America for a little while in a couple of weeks... who wants to keep me company by coming with me to pubs, bars and stuff? Elliot and John will you be in London???

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Jae Says... Leave Cruising Alone

Hmph. Well Kev left a comment about it and Jim pointed out an article in the Evening Standard about it (by Peter Tatchell no less) so it must be a pressing topic... cruising is back on the agenda. I thought people were finally over their obsession with the fact gay men have sex, but the recent murder of 24-year-old bar manager Jody Dobrowski has brought the subject up. That's not to say he was cruising, but that's the suggestion some are making.

Cruising. Cruising has been part of gay life for a long time. Before the bars, before Stonewall, before Boy George and before AIDS there was cruising. Now just because something has a long history doesn't make it right. But it certainly means we should treat it with a little respect when considering it's merits and pitfalls.

Even where cruising occurs in public (hey there platform number 10 at the Gare Du Nord!) most straight people don't even know it's happening. So it's not like it's affecting anyone else. As long as no one gets their cock out where others might see it (THE SHOCK! THAT MAN HAS A PENIS!) then I can't see why cruising is even an issue. As a liberal (dear Americans to me liberal means libertarian not far left!) I firmly believe that grown ups should be allowed to do as they please. Sure it might upset those worry warts who sit at home and care about what other people are getting up to without them, but then again I'd support anything that upsets them.

So before I launch into a tirade against intefering bastards can someone come up with a convincing argument (please note convincing means it doesn't mention religion and is not "I just don't like it" extended over a paragraph or five [BANNING SOMETHING BECAUSE YOU DON'T LIKE IT IS SOMETHING I DON'T LIKE AND SHOULD BE BANNED*]) against cruising. Why should two people you don't know NOT meet up for random sex (and let's say it's safe sex... if they have unsafe sex I can see a certain argument regarding public health being allowed)?

*except people who wear blazers and jeans together, they should all be banned...

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Jae Is Not Cut Out For Customer Service

Now when I say that I don't mean I can't do it, I mean I am sick and tired of it. Dealing with ungrateful, and in some cases undeserving people and their rather insignificant problems isn't my idea of fun.
I want to do something which is 1) very, very gay 2) involves the web and 3) involves minimal work for lots of money. Any gay porn companies need a marketing manager? Anyone want to pay me to write this blog? Or at least buy me a present (oh go on, no ones bought me a present from here in ages!)? 
Somebody save me from this 9 - 5 existence!!!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Jae's Guide To Using A Train

Before leaving for the station ensure you have your money/tickets with you. It may be helpful to know where you are going, why not check National Rail to find out.

Once at the station head towards the ticket machines, or the booths. If you have a ticket/Oyster card head to the platform. When the queue is large it can be helpful to pay by cash rather than selfishly using a card to pay and holding everyone up. As you move away don't block others when staring stupidly at the screen showing which platform to go to. Move to the side.

When heading towards a platform... KNOW YOUR SPEED. If you are slow, or just stupid, walk close to the side (signs will tell you which side to stick to, but as a rule keep to the left) that way more speedy people can get past you. Is that your mobile phone ringing? Learn the skill of answering and walking... it's far better than stopping and blocking the way of everyone else. Did you know it's possible to talk and walk? Weird. Bear this in mind if transferring between trains as well.

Trains have doors. These can be opened usually by pressing a button (some do have handles). These buttons are generally round, and surrounded by flashing lights when operable. Apply pressure using a digit (these are located on your hand). VOILA! The door will open. Isn't that better than standing there like a lemon blocking the way of the guy behind you?

Allow people off the train first. Strangely walking into people moving in the other direction will impede your progress. Allowing them to pass will mean everyone gets on the train quicker. If a seat is free take it, if not move to the centre or the ends of the carriage as far as you can go. I know it's tempting to stand near the door, however for some reason no one has yet developed the ability to walk through you.

If the train is particularly busy, and you are getting to know your fellow passengers rather too well, keep your quips to yourself. I'm sure "It's like a tin of sardines in here" was funny in your head, but it's not going to cheer anyone else. Reading a newspaper in this situation is also not advisable, unless you do wish to be punched in the face.

Don't stare and when talking with someone else try to avoid involving the whole carriage in your conversation... talk at a normal level, your ears still work on a train.

When leaving the train do so quickly and don't stop as soon as your feet touch the platform, often other people will wish to get off the train behind you. Why not move away from the train before you ponder your new surroundings.

Have your tickets ready... barriers are so much easier to get past with a ticket ready, it's really dumb to wait till you are at the barriers before finding that ticket.

Leave the station... you have reached your destination.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

What's Gaying On?

So let's have a look... and start with something good!

An article from the Houston Chronicle. It's always reassuring to see that there ar still some people in the world ready to say that codifying anti-gay laws is equivalent to racial discrimination and religious discrimination. Americans need to understand that they stand on the brink of something... they can either continue down the path they are heading on which will most certainly lead to further militarism and discord, or they can reaffirm their belief in liberty and let their gay and lesbian fellow citizens be free (even if you don't like the idea of homosexuality).

Hatred tends to lead to things like homophobic violence. Sadly it appears to have happened yet again. And if any of you read that and think "Well he was on Clapham Common" please leave this blog immediately. It's weird, but you never hear of gangs of gay men attacking and killing straight men, despite a lot of us finding the idea of straight sex DISGUSTING. Strange that, huh?

We need to keep pushing... just a little more and we shall finally make it... We are lucky that we have some people behind us, see here. Equality isn't that far away!!

Homecoming Queen

Headed to Westenhanger yesterday with Jim to see the family. They have a new cat called Tinkerbell who is way too soppy. I liberated my CD collection from the room formerly known as my room (now David's room, yes Uncle David, he who was married not two months ago has sought asylum at Folks Wood Way).

Went to Kalala for dinner with Mum, Tony, Beth and George, David and his three daughters Rachel, Margaret and Alice plus Rachel's boyfriend Tian, and Zoe, Ray and John. After dinner headed to Chambers with the latter three and Jim and met up with Laura for drinks and chat. Cool!

Jae's brief return to Folkestone gets 14 people to a dinner. Never knew I was popular!

John, Zoe and Ray, thanks for coming to see me guys!

The service was very fast, amazing Tony and Mum.

Aren't they cute???

Unlike George, my brother.

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Laura! One of the original hardc0re 3!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Fame At Last!

As is becoming standard, I put my iPod on as I shut the front door behind me and headed off to work. I switched on Bad Weeds San Francisco and wandered towards the station. Guess who got a mention? Little old moi! I sent an email in and it was read out, and Corkey "dedicated" the show to me. So sweet! Listen to it the show rocks.
Since I started working for an internet based company I have been quite shocked by how few people understand the concept of internet search. They seem to think that by typing words into the search box on Google or Yahoo the exact website they are looking for will appear. Looking for a contact number for a company? Hell just type in that company's name, click the first link that comes up, don't read anything about the website you have gone to and just phone the first number you see. I must take at least 10 calls a day where someone thinks we are some other company simply because we are the top result for that company's name on Google. How can they think this when our name is in inch high letters on the top of the page???? How can people not understand a basic search? No one has ever taught me how to use Google, so why on Earth do these people need me to tell them that Google searchs, while marvellous, aren't perfect? Grr.... rant over.
I went out on a work night out last night to Mish Mash in Clapham. Not a bad bar, with a drinkable Mojito and a gorgeous Long Island Ice Tea. YUM! Had a good time, it's just a shame I always feel the need to leave early to catch the train... when I'm totally ok financially I shall stay late, cos then I can get a taxi without worrying about the cost. Till then I'll be the boring sod.
Wandered to Clapham Junction listening to my iPod. I must of walked down every road around the station, peering through locked gates onto platforms filled with passengers for about 10 minutes before I found the way in. That was the way brightly lit with lights, and huge signs with the BR symbol on them, that I had walked past when I first caught sight of the platforms. I'm a dullard sometimes.
I'll be in Folkestone this weekend, if you are about and haven't heard from me call/text 07709 149 325 so we can arrang meeting times/places/people. See ya Sunday night. Unless I see something interesting to write about tonight...

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Things I Like

I want an iPod! Ok my iPod nano is awesome but now I'm into podcasts I wanna watch video podcasts... *sulks* Go on, last Halloween I got a normal iPod as a present... how about it Dear Constant Reader?? No??? *really sulks* And the BBC says...

Daily Hot Guys. A blog title that I think speaks for itself. Inside Stephen is nicely designed (reminds me I need to do some work on this site!!) and interesting.

Sparkletack I love this podcast, an brilliant insight into the history of the Bay Area.

Lindsay works with me.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A Shitty Day

Don't you hate shitty days? The kind of days when things happen that piss you off but there is nothing you could have done about them?

First off work was boring, and there was lots of it to do, and everyone seemed a little snappy today. Which was stressing me out. Then I caught the train home and stood next to a lovely (thankfully defaced) sticker from the National Front "Homosexuality Causes AIDS The Queer Disease".

Yes a little homophobia is always gonna put a smile on my face as I plot the painfully slow deaths of each member of the NF.

Then I got home, dropped my iPod off and decided to go get some money out before the bank decided I couldn't have anymore. Joy! The cash machine allowed me money! Wandered back home, and just as I got to the bottom of my street two boys stopped me and attempted to corner me, and then proceeded to try to rob me. Guys... please. I'm twice your height. Did you really think it was gonna succeed? What was going through your head? I'm not stupid! Kicked them away and proceeded home thinking "What a shitty day".

Monday, October 10, 2005

Yahoo - Jae Actually Likes Something You've Done

I'll admit it, I'm a Google boy. I know, it ain't cool to like Google anymore. But I do. I have nothing to hide, as it says in my byline, what is the point of being discreet? So Google me up baby!

On the other hand Yahoo lost it's charm for me years ago. It just got too... busy. The site was horrible and cluttered. So I stopped using it. Bt their latest beta site is great: Yahoo Podcasts. Businessweek has a good story on it. As I'm just starting to get into Podcasts so this is darn useful me. Come on Google, Podcasts are so in! Why not connect Google Talk up to Blogger for hours of podcasting fun! :o)

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Hate Smoking, Not The Smoker

Let me get something off my chest. I hate smoking. I hate coming home from a night out smelling of smoke. I think that public smoking is a selfish and incredibly rude habit. Tell me something Dear Constant Reader, why do people think they have the right to smoke around me? Because Dear Reader... they do. I hate to say it but if obnoxious people have the right to stop me in the street just to say "God you are tall aren't you?" and if I have the right to get stupidly drunk and irritate others then why don't smokers have the right to be selfish and rude??

The idea of banning smoking is so illiberal it hurts. I loved the fact in San Francisco I could go out and come home still smelling fresh. But is that worth someone else losing part of their freedom? No it's not. This Government has done quite a few good things, especially for us moxes. But it has down far more bad things... plans for ID cards, ASBOs, a massive increase in police powers and caused a panic in the face of a terrorist threat from inside our country (despite the fact this country has a long history of fighting internal terrorism and hasn't had to panic before...). Banning smoking is just another sign of this behemoth of a Government taking our freedoms away "for our own good".

If people didn't like people smoking near them they should turn round and tell them that. If your friends smoke around you without taking your feelings into account dump them!! We don't need more legislation... we just need to be a bit more proactive.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Boyfunk - A Shameless Plug!

A good majority of my readers have come here looking for porn. Don't be shy, it's nothing to be ashamed of. If you like the Brent Corrigan look, why not head over to Boyfunk. Brilliant site with loads of lovely lads.

And that way you can stop sending me emails requesting porn pics! It's a win/win situation!

Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Just been to see Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit. It was typical Wallace and Gromit fare, not awesome but enjoyable in it's way. If you've seen any Wallace and Gromit before then you will not be shocked by the plot. But the kids loved it, so really good to keep the little horrors quiet for a while... Animation can't be faulted.

USA - Jae's Perspective

So I'm just back from my first trip to the United States, and have to say it's been interesting.

As a reader of newspapers and magazines like the Economist I knew that there was a lot of poverty in the US. But this still didn't prepare me for just how obvious it was in San Francisco. There wasn't even an attempt to hide how many homeless people there are, let alone deal with the problem. Coming from London, which has plenty of homeless people, I was still completely disgusted. But from reading the San Francisco Chronicle it looks like the Mayor is at least taking things seriously.

The Americans I met were more friendly, generous and polite than I had expected (and yes I had heard they were amazingly friendly). Sure as a British person it was very off putting to have cashiers smile at you, and to see people greet strangers on public transport. But it was quite warming nevertheless.

California is just as beautiful as I hoped. America in general impressed me. Other than the abject poverty I saw, the only other complaint I have is the severe lack of cute men. Maybe I was looking in the wrong places, but eye candy was seriously wanting.

And finally... I can't believe men really do wear cowboy hats without any sort of irony. SCARY! ;op

Friday, October 07, 2005

I Wanna Go

AH! I am so fat. My stomach has doubled in size while I've been in America. This is not an exaggeration. I blame far too many hotcakes. No wonder Americans have a reputation for being overweight. Their food is just too scrummy.

So from tomorrow I am going on a diet. Fruit, veg and lots of water. This time last year I lost loads of weight but have put it all on thanks to being in a relationship. Time to get back in control of my diet. NO MORE LUNCHTIMES DOWN THE CAFE/PUB.

I'm missing San Francisco. The weather here is RUBBISH!

Ok... time for a site update I think... when Jim wakes up (he's still on Pacific time) I shall grab the lovely new title design he's made for me and put it on the site (It's a homage to "Wish you were here" the best travel programme ever!) and I may even do a little redesign. Shocking or what... haven't had my own design in years. Also... I have been getting quite into podcasts so there will be a new links section for them... first up the funniest and most interesting podcast I've found so far... "Bad Weeds San Francisco" Check 'em out. Corkey is hilarious!

Pictures.... The Neverending Story

I'm kinda bored of posting these...

Mmm... Muir Beach.

California... home to a race of small druids???

What a name...


Is this one of Jim in the Japanese tea garden? I can't remember... I'm losing track of what I posted. God, how many pictures did we take... this one is number 170...

That's the last of them... Thank God...

Pictures Part 2

When near bears ensure you suspend the food from a wire at height.

Jim likes driving in his car

This is known as the Golden Gate Bridge. I was disappointed to find it wasn't made of gold... ;op

Jae still doesn't quite believe he was in a car on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Muir Woods were gorgeous but I think they are best left to your imagination... only so many amatuer pics of huge trees one can take...

It's a deer! I promise!!

Jim... you are soooo smooth!

Jae Wants To Live Here.

This is Jae Kay reporting from the Pacific coast of California

You sexy thing you!!!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Pictures!!! - part One

Within moments of arriving in San Francisco Jae makes new midget friends...Aww....

Pier 39 seals...

Jae has a bit of a thing for the Transamerica pyramid...

Ooo... that rocks famous, I think...


Jae get's shown his new hotel room...

Jae struggles to make new friends in the exercise yard.... strangely that all changed when he got to the showers.

Jim does take lovely photos...

Castro Street is a little bit poofy

Jim spent hours taking this photo while I stood staring in terror into the tunnel surrounded by giant sharks...

This was only a little one...

The Castro Sreet Fair

I love what you've done with your hair...

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence... nuff said!