Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Nothing much has happened off late, mainly as I don't have two pence to rub together until pay day thanks to this whole moving to London thing.

Had lunch today on a boat moored on the Thames near Westminster Palace... very nice.

Just had guinea fowl on baby lettuce in chicken stock based sauce. It was GORGEOUS!!!!

Oh dear, they've done it again. Hmph. I hate to repeat myself, over and over. But come on. When will people learn that banning things is the not the way!!!!

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Every Boys Dream

Today I awoke to a breakfast of scrambled eggs with chive served on toasted sour dough bread with fried mushrooms and tomatoes on the vine. This was very scrummy and yummy and quite delicious too. Mmm... Gordon Ramsey has inspired Jim to ever higher cooking feats. Yum!!!!

We have mostly been watching The O.C. series one, which I got for my birthday last week. I love the O.C. Seth is oh so fine.

Mugabe Claims Hundreds Of Houses Built. Oh well thats ok then... that makes it all better. Build the new homes, before you destroy the old ones!!!!!! Mugabe has ruled for too long. Time for a change. When will the Zimbabweans rise up and retake their country and make it the envy of Africa again? One day I hope to visit Zimbabwe and see the Victoria Falls and know that I am among free people, unoppressed by a malevolent dictator. But I just don't see it happening any time soon.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Working Nine Till Six

My job is strange. You get no training. Nobody tellls you what your responsibilities are. Today we got an email advising us that we needed to submit an outline of our projects by next week. What projects?? Will discuss it Monday. I'm only a customer services agent! :o)

Got so drunk last night that when I came home I was sick over the bed. Eek. This is never a good thing, but it's so much worse when you share that bed with someone. I felt so awful about it, especially as things are going slowly at mo, mainly as I'm still spending most of my energy on getting used to working/London and not spending it on our relationship. I will change that this weekend as much as possible.

In the news: Co-op bans Church group over anti Gay rhetoric. There is somewhere a small piece of me celebrating this. In my opinion anti-gay groups deserve everything they get. But banning them from holding a bank account? They can go and get a bank account anywhere!! Banning something almost always makes the problem worse. You ban drugs and a whole criminal underworld appears to supply them bringing crime and guns into the equation. You ban homosexuality and gay people go off do all sorts of anti social things. Banning these bastards from a bank will only make them feel victimised AND vindicated.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Don't You Sometimes Wish Fridges Came In A House Size?

I am now 22. Hard to believe I started this blog at the age of 18 hailing from the bright lights of Ashley Avenue. Paddock Fields came and went. Folks Wood Way has had its day. It's now Greenwich South Street that I call home. 2 and a half weeks ago I started a new job in Vauxhall working for an internet stationary company. I would put it's name here but this blog has an infamous history with Google!

I live in a flat with my boyfriend Jim. It's quiet scary really. Here I am. New job, new life. But same old Jae. Paranoid, socially inept, and a little messed up... But I still fancy Dermot O'Leary and think straight people are a bit strange...

I miss writing here, and will return I think... New Life, New Blog!